What keeps you awake at night? We all have something that wakes us up at 2 am. Maybe it is something on your “to-do” list that didn’t get “to-done.” Maybe it is a mistake that you made in your past. Maybe it is something that hasn’t even happened yet. In my house, we call that pre-worrying.

I have a lot of things that keep me awake these days. For starters, my youngest child is 16. He has learned to drive, but I can’t seem to get an appointment for him to take his behind the wheel test, no matter how many times I call. So, there is that. I know that we will be looking at colleges next year, and soon enough, he will be out in the world on his own. I started teaching him how to do laundry last week. He is a good kid, but like all teenagers, sometimes he makes me a little crazy. I know I’m not the only mom who feels that way.

And yet it is interesting. There are definitely days when I can see the man he will become, and I hope that his spouse will appreciate the things that we have taught him. Even more than that, I hope that this place, Coos County, is a place he can come back to, if he chooses. I hope that he can find a good job to take care of his family, and good schools for his kids. I want good roads and bridges, and reasonably priced housing for him to pick from.

It is so odd to think that the work we do now makes a difference in the choices our kids have in twenty years. Will we invest the time, energy, and resources into making this a place that will continue to grow and thrive after we are gone?

And more importantly, what keeps you awake at night? Tell me. I want to know.

9 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Joe Neill

    I am most concerned about your opponent Rod Taylor. I see lots of his political signs. I don’t know him well but am aware he has connections to the far right. He is vocal and has a talk show. I understand he fraternizes with the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayers and denies Donald Trump won second place. He admitted to attending the January 6th stop the steal rally with 14 others from Bandon. I know their is a dark history of hate in Southern Oregon. As a business owner I try to maintain an apolitical position. I want to see you continue as County Commissioner position 3.

    1. melissacribbins Post author

      Thank you so much, Joe. I appreciate your position as a business owner, and I can empathize with you. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to me! Please let me know if you decide you would like a sign.

  2. Tacy Andersen

    Melissa, I have been reading about each candidate and I found your focus is on housing. I see the housing coordinator with Curry County that will work together to better define WHAT housing our county needs. I appreciate that effort because we need to focus on different income levels of providing housing for all. I have two thoughts of immediate needs and providing housing quickly for the less fortunate low income.
    One: Manufactured Housing Parks – both with space rents AND with investment community purchase space. This would provide more affordable housing quickly in the less amount of cost for infrastructure and land footprint. Income limits as well as age – over 55 for seniors and then mix age. Apartments does stack people in small space but too many elderly and handicapped are now in this county. Duplexes for senior citizens are great too.
    Second: HOMELESSNESS – they not only need help in shelter and food but medical, education, and job opportunities. We loss Shutter Creek – I was dead against that with employment it provided as well as firefighters we can’t replace. BUT it can be easily converted into a working community for the homeless. Shelter and Cafeteria along with medical facility for drug help and grounds to be a true working community that can produce as well as train and has each of them work out on their own back into society. It could be a “jewel” for the State to show how to resolve the issue instead of the shuffle around to another piece of dirt. Just like the prison work system they earn credits in staying there as well as money. It could be a workable community effort.

    I believe there are a lot of things that need to be done on the coast – that often get pushed aside. I hope whom ever get Governor will remember that the Southern Oregon coast is just as important.

    Tacy Andersen

  3. Tom Meek

    Your Opponent on his website is proposing quite an expansion of Coos County Government duties. He is proposing that the County become involved in Fisheries Management, Forest Management, School Curricula, Real estate and property law matters — the list goes on and on. I have asked him how much this expansion would cost and how he would pay for it. He does not respond.
    Governments do not work for free. Sooner or later the taxpayers must foot the bill.
    On behalf of the taxpayers of Coos County you might tease this issue out a bit, so we’ll know what are wallets are in for if he is elected.


    Rod Taylor has posters ALL over C.B. & N .B. I see none for you. There are alot of people that don’t know who to vote for & will be swayed by seeing his name all over the place. This is of great concern to me & others. Please get your name out there.
    Jan Crew
    Concerned Voter

  5. Russell lluellyn

    Thank you for continuing to serve our county. What keeps me up at night is worrying about people like your opponent Rod winning elections in our country. They say they are patriots but are against our Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power. They say they are for freedom yet take away women’s right to choose. I live on a dead-end road or I would put up signs in my yard for you I’m afraid no one would see them. Good luck in November and you can count on my and my wife’s vote. Thanks again

  6. Mark Villers

    Melissa as a local logger and environmentalist (these are not necessarily mutually exclusive) and president of Blue Ridge Timber Cutting, Inc., I STRONGLY endorse you and appreciate your balance on issues and dedication to the people of Coos County.


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